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Driving under the influence

A normal driving under the influence (DUI) charge already carries severe penalties, but certain situations can result in enhanced penalties for DUI or DWI that go well beyond the sentences normally imposed after a DUI conviction. The presence of certain aggravating factors in a DUI case can result in enhanced penalties by either increasing the range of potential sentences or by raising the actual charge to a higher level, depending on the state where the DUI prosecution takes place.

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What to consider when looking online for a dui attorney

This article is going to be discussing what people need to know while they are shopping around for DUI lawyers. This article is going to discuss the type of penalties that could result from such case, while also pointing out that some special cases, combined with some lawyers, might not result in such things. There are many people that are guilty of their crime and they are quite upset that they happened to get caught. This should not be the case at all. These people need to understand that being placed under arrest is the least of the bad possibilities that they were facing. If they were to crash while being drunk, they could of killed themselves or even hurt of killed another driver and spent life in prison. There are many cases in which a person has to pay out fines as well as probation fees. There are many cases that are special in nature as previously mentioned. Maybe the person wasn't even on a road. In some cases there are some lawyers that can result in a person not havin…


Field sobriety tests are tests that are used by law enforcement to determine whether someone is impaired to drive a motor vehicle.  These tests measure balance, coordination, and your ability to follow directions.  They are also used to measure what is called “divided attention”; which is a person’s ability to do multiple tasks at one time.  While some people may argue these tests are good indicators of impairment, others can easily argue that the tests are created for someone to fail.  The slightest mistakes on these tests are recorded by officers and later used against a person in a DUI prosecution. It is common for people to take these tests with the belief that they will do well and an officer will let them go.  The truth is if you have been drinking and your stopped your likely going to be arrested.  That being the case you should do everything in your power to protect your rights.  This means you should refuse all field sobriety tests.  By doing this you are acting within your …

Prevent being charged with an Aggravated DUI

If you have been convicted of a DUI in Arizona  you already know how serious the consequences are.  Specifically, the amount of mandatory jail and the high fines and fees are enough to make most people very careful to not drink and drive.  Unfortunately, there are times when people still make the same mistake and are arrested for a 2nd DUI.  A second DUI conviction in Arizona can cause the suspension of ones drivers license and much high mandatory jail minimums.  But, a second DUI conviction pales in comparison to being charged and convicted of an Aggravated DUI which can be a class 6 or class 4 felony in Arizona. The most common Aggravated DUI in Arizona is a class 4 felony that stems from a person being arrested for DUI while their drivers license is suspended, canceled, revoked, or restricted.  This charge can be prevented if a person is diligent in making sure their drivers license and privilege is valid before they drive their vehicle.  As a former DUI prosecutor I saw many case…